Last night @ Leica DC I was invited to take this camera out for 24 hours. I haven’t done much shooting in the last couple of years. Thinking next Saturday noon to Sunday noon. Where should I go? What should I shoot? (at Leica Store DC)

Cufflinks Today: Lápiz Lazuli and Silver; pura piedra y plata. Handmade en la zona de las minas. La Serena de Coquimbo, Chile. (at Smithsonian Sculpture Garden)

Cufflinks Today: This is my 1st ever pair of cufflinks. I bought them on sale at the Famous Barr in Mid Rivers Mall in St. Charles, Missouri. My mom used her Famous Barr card to get an extra % discount. That was in 2003. Since then they’ve traveled pretty much everywhere I’ve traveled. Stainless steel. Designer: unknown (at Metro Center)

Well-played, Trunk Club. This video is as highly useful as it is brief. I signed up for the service because I have been putting off buying some much-needed new pants for months…mostly because I hate going shopping without something specific in mind to buy. When my personal fashion consultant calls me in the next two days, I will ask for a trunk full of pants, belts, and maybe a blazer just for kicks. I’m good on shirts, shoes, socks, sweaters; and try to avoid wearing t-shirts, polo shirts, shorts, etc. What I need is pants — specifically, 3 pairs of supremely well-crafted men’s business trousers. No pleats, cuffs, khakis, denim, linen, or chinos, please. Ever.


Facebook isn’t really free. It’s an exchange, and you need to know what you’re trading.

– Geoffrey A. Fowler, WSJ

TODAY IN CUFFLINKS: I got these via a cufflinks exchange a friend & I did during our World Cup travels. The center is handmade in Mexico City from jicaro wood and the setting is stainless steel. #artesanía (at Metro Center)


August 4, 1901: Louis Armstrong is Born

On this day in 1901, Jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong, nicknamed “Satchmo,” was born in New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz. Armstrong is best known for his inventive and energetic performing style which focused primarily on solos rather than ensembles.  In addition to singing and playing the trumpet, Armstrong also appeared in over 30 movies and wrote two autobiographies during his lifetime.

Check out PBS Digital Studios’ Blank on Blank video on how Louis Armstrong became “Satchmo.”

Photo: Library of Congress

Happy birthday, Satchmo!

New Domain For This Blog:

I used to be such a domainer.  For years my portfolio was legit.  Then I lost interest and either cashed out or let the duds expire. was a dud.  I did not renew it.  I’d hoped to buy it back today but now it’s registered to a domain squatter in China who’s auctioning it for a fistful of Yen at a site even Google Translate can’t read  Maybe chilemo means something in Chinese.  Maybe it’s a surname or a fancy bit of cuisine.  

I like chilemo because it combines my Chilean and Missouri (abbrev: MO) origins into a 3 solid syllables that folks can get used to.  It could also be interpreted as Chile M.O. — as in, modus operandi — or, the Chilean style of doing things (read: thinking locally, charm globally, and never be on time).  I don’t like Chilemo because it’s letters don’t align well with a dot net (or a dot com, come to think of it).  A great domain would be  Unfortunately, dot mo is the ccTLD for the country of Macao — and who’s going to trust this website with your payment information? 

Ah well. I’m never happy with the domain’s I register.  This blog’s been parked on a dozen or more domains since I started on Tumblr over 7 years ago.  Was a waste of $6 a year?  Maybe.  Probably.  But for tonight it’ll do.  Tomorrow I might get into some dot uk action.  I have some ideas…

But, it’s late and I need to get some sleep.

Say Goodbye To Wine As We Know It


Gwynn Guilford:

In fact, by mid-century more than four-fifths of the land in France, Italy and Spain that’s now used for vineyards will be producing grapes unsuited for wine, according to a 2013 study. Australia stands to lose up to three-quarters of its currently viable vineyard land; California’s looking at a 70% decline.

What’s really crazy is that England is likely to become a new hotbed of wine-making — literally.

Note to self: Invest in Chilean vinyards.

American cow art on the wall at the W Hotel in DC. (at W Washington D.C. Hotel)