This walk home never gets old… (at United States Capitol)

This walk home never gets old… (at United States Capitol)


"I want to be an engineer."
"What advice would you give other engineers?"
"If you build a house that collapses, you’re going to get arrested. So you need to keep using the pendulum to make sure that everything is straight. Also, your cement mix has to be strong. You also need to be careful with the builders that you hire, or they will steal the cement from you.”
"What sort of building would you build?"
"A factory that makes new books, so that everyone can have new books for school. All of my books are old and have writing in them."

(Entebbe, Uganda)

We Ivorians, we had this abscess, a sickness, but we had no way to lance it to get better. It couldn’t have been done by anyone else. Only Drogba. He’s the one who has cured us of this war.

Yo shoes is your car if you ain’t got one.

I have three reliable pairs of shoes in my weekly lineup:  a black formal pair, a brown formal pair, and a pair of Puma Romas. I do not have a car.  My brown shoes I had shined outside the metro today.  After seeing the black-stained state of disrepair my brown shoes had fallen into during this summer’s rains, the fellow who shined them said, “Man you have GOT to take better care of these!”  And then he offered me the above wisdom from down below.  I took it to heart and share it here.  He is absolutely right.  

Google Alerts and Custom Domains on Tumblr

A weird thing happened a few weeks ago when I changed the domain for this blog from to  My Google Alert on my name (“Pablo Manriquez”) lit up with links from many years ago.  Other Google Alerts came alive as well, alerts on search terms of places I’ve been and places I’ve worked that I’ve blogged about here.  All morning the day after I changed my domain old friends and colleague texted me to see what was up.  All I could say was I changed my domain and Google Alerts noticed.  

Still I found it weird that Google Alerts never recognized as having this content same content.  Most of the posts on the Alert were from 2009-2012.  Having a custom domain changed the way the algorithm evaluated my blog.  

The lesson:  If you want your Tumblr blog to get noticed via Google Alerts (and I assume many topical or newsy Tumblr blogs do), make sure it has a custom domain.  

Mexican Cooking Lesson #1: Caldo de Bagre con limón, aceite, cebollitas, jalepeños, cilantro, y sal. (at Columbia Heights)

"There comes a time, Time Lord, when every lonely little boy must learn how to dance." Watching #DrWho with Apollo, the neighbor’s cat. (at Highland Park Apartments)